Anna Stryjewska

Anna Stryjewska
Zürichbergstrasse 4
CH-8032 Zürich

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F +41 61 207 18 11

2013 Admission to the University of Zurich PhD programme in Sinology and the Doctoral Research Program "Eikones: Modul «Materialität und Semantiken der Schrift»" (NFS Bildkritik, University of Basel) under the supervision of Prof. Wolfgang Behr, Prof. Antonio Loprieno and Dr. Andreas Stauder.

2013 Awarded a Master’s Degree in Chinese Studies by the University of Oxford, UK (with distinction). Dissertation: The ‘Zhōu Wŭ Wáng’ (‘Jīn Téng’) from Qīnghuá manuscripts: translation, commentary and comparison with received counterparts. Supervisor: Dr Dirk Meyer.

2011-2012 A one-year visiting student programme at the Department of Literature, Beijing Normal University, China.

2010-2011 A one-year programme in Chinese language and culture at the Xi’an International Studies University, China.

2010 Awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Oriental Studies: Sinology by the University of Warsaw, Poland. Diploma thesis: Creative approach to Chinese characters in Chinese-language internet communication.

Research Interests:

Early China, Chinese writing and paleography, Chinese philology and textual history, Evolution of writing systems, relationship between language and writing