Michael Hagner

Prof. Dr. Michael Hagner
Professur für Wissenschaftsforschung
ETH Zürich, RZ
Clausiusstr. 59
8092 Zürich

T +41 44 632 64 47
F +41 61 207 18 11

Michael Hagner has been concerned with different ways of visualizing the brain and mental functions, from the eighteenth century to the present. In particular, he is interested in how individual images of the brain make their own contribution to understanding the brain's structure and function. On the basis of this case study and also that of physical anthropology, cybernetics and other research fields within the human sciences, he will extend his research to the more general question of the epistemic value of images in all stages of the research process. Complementary to an anthropological understanding of images, Hagner is interested in the contribution of images to anthropology in a broad sense.


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Wilhelm Fink Verlag, München, 2016, 311 S.
Leseprobe (PDF)

M. Hagner, P. Geimer (Hg.)

Nachleben und Rekonstruktion. Vergangenheit im Bild (2012)

Fink Verlag, München, 2012, 278 S.
Leseprobe (PDF)