The Hidden Cézanne.
From Sketchbook to Canvas

September 1, 2017
eikones Forum

The Kupferstichkabinett of the Kunstmuseum Basel possesses the most comprehensive and significant collection of drawings by Paul Cézanne, with a total of 154 sheets. These provide the foundation for an extensive exhibition of more than 200 works that thematize the importance of drawing in the entirety of Cézanne's oeuvre, from the sketches and studies, to the watercolors and the paintings. As the starting point and core of the artistic process, the drawings turn out to be a particularly fruitful aspect of Cézanne's production to examine. Our international symposium takes the exhibition as a starting point to engage in a discussion about this aspect of Cézanne's work, which surprisingly has been rarely studied. 

A cooperation between the Kunstmuseum Basel, eikones NCCR Iconic Criticism and the University of Basel. With friendly support of Sulger-Stiftung. 


08.45Welcome Coffee
09.15 Greeting 

Josef Helfenstein and Ralph Ubl 
09.30 «Cézanne’s Drawings in Basel. An Introduction»

Anita Haldemann und Henrike Hans,
Kunstmuseum Basel 
10.10«What Can a Sketchbook be?
On presence and distance in Cézanne's work»

Inken Freudenberg, Heidelberg
10.50Coffee Break
11.20«‚Die Atmosphäre der Dinge’ und der
‚Staub der Emotion’: Stimmung bei Cézanne»

Friedrich Teja Bach, Universität Wien 
12.00«Cézanne and Frenhofer»

Jean-Claude Lebensztein
12.40Lunch and Visit of the Exhibition
at the Kunstmuseum Basel
14.40«Cézanne, Drawing on Mass Media»

André Dombrowksi, University of Pennsylvania,
15.20«Puzzling Cézanne»

Fabienne Ruppen, Universität Zürich
16.00«Framing the Picture»

Jayne Warman, co-author of «The Paintings of
Paul Cezanne, an online catalogue raisonné»
16.40Coffee Break
17.10«Sensation by Happenstance»

Richard Shiff, The University of Texas at Austin
17.50«Cézanne. Metamorphoses. An Exhibition at
the Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe»

Alexander Eiling, Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe


Konzept: Ralph Ubl, Anita Haldemann, Henrike Hans, Fabienne Ruppen

Referierende: Josef Helfenstein, Ralph Ubl, André Dombrowksi, Alexander Eiling, Inken Freudenberg, Anita Haldemann, Henrike Hans, Jean-Claude Lebensztein, Fabienne Ruppen, Richard Shiff, Friedrich Teja Bach, Jayne Warman

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